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All sessions at Akua Esthetics&Bodywork are customized for individual needs, however, Specialty Skin Care sessions utilize products with specific active ingredients not found in drug or department store porducts. These products are then combined with specialized esthetic techniques dependent on your individual skin care concerns and needs.


Specialty Skin Care Treatments will vary depeding on your individual needs but most often include a deep cleansing, in depth skin analysis, dual exfoliation, extractions, condition specific massage, two condition specific masks, and application of condition specific serums, moisturizer, and spf (if needed).


Not sure what you need? That's what your licensed Esthetician is here for. On your first visit you will will out a brief health history form that will inquire about your skin care concerns, allergies, and sensitivities. Together we will go over the form and after your skin is cleansed your esthetician will do an in depth skin analysis and discuss what you will like to do for the session.



The word "peel" when it comes to your skin can sound scary and invoke images of zombie-esque faces but properly done Skin Peels can refresh, renew, and reinvigorate your skin. A peel series not only removes damaged skin but infuses the skin with nutrients to help build up the skins structure so the new skin doesn't wind up the same as the old skin.


Skin Peels help reverse aging, sun damage, and acne. The active ingredients in the professional peels used by Akua Esthetics&Bodywork from PCA Skin and Rhonda Allison penetrate deep into the skin to help boost collagen and elastin growth, reduce melanin production, and balance oil production. Different peels target different conditions and your licensed Esthetician will assist you in deciding on the perfect series for you.


Peels will give you great results but home care is equally important. Home care is what will maintain and enhance your results. Without proper home care, not only can you hinder your results but you risk damaging your skin. That is why post care products are required for all peels done at Akua Esthetics&Bodywork. Check out our Peel Series where post care product kits are included.


A few things to consider before having a Peel: there may be some skin flaking or peeling and there may not be. If there isn't any it does not mean the peel isn't working, it just means there wasn't a whole lot of top surface skin ready to come off. Skin Peels are about building the skin up from underneath not just taking things off the top. There a few things you want to avoid in the first 24 hours after a peel as they may reactivate the ingredients in the peel and cause damage. Exercise, saunas, steam rooms, water submersion, sun exposure, and other heat related things are to be avoided for 24 hours as a precaution.

Price depends on the type of peel, the depth of the peel, and the time of the treatment. This will be discussed at the beginning of the session.



Akua Esthetics&Bodywork's 30 and 60 minute Basic Facials are customized according to your individual needs using Phytomer and/or Rhonda Allison professional products. A Basic Facial is a great introduction into skin care and an awesome way to relax.


On your first visit, you will fill out a brief health history form detailing your skin concerns. Together with your licensed Esthetician, you will go over the form and discuss your goals for the session. Then after a cleansing, an in depth skin analysis will begin where will have a further discussion about what we find in your skin and options we have for the facial.


Basic Facials include: cleansing with steam (unless contraindicated), skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions (only in 60 minute or longer sessions if needed and safe to do so) massage (only in 60 minute or longer sessions), mask, application of skin type specific serums, moisturizer, and spf (if needed).


Enhancements are a great way to increase your results and your relaxation. Know what you want/need? Schedule it ahead of time. Not sure? Ask your licensed Esthetician for a recommendation.



Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while getting rid of rough, dry skin with this this excellent form of exfoliation. Microdermabrasion is a great way to enhance a facial treatment, the deeper exfoliation allows all subsequent products to penetrate quicker and deeper increasing your results.


Precautions: after microdermabrasion avoid exercise and heat as it may cause undue circulation resulting in temporary red marks appearing on the skin



Light Emitting Diode Therapy is an effective, non invasive treatment for many skin conditions. The LED frequency and color assist in many skin concerns depending on the color.

RED: promotes collagen and elastin growth

BLUE: helps calm overactive capillaries and reduce redness and inflammation

GREEN: decreases melanin production and evens out complexion



The Skin Scrubber vibrates at a high frequency that is barely noticeable to us but helps force dirt and debris out of your pores giving a deeper clean while providing a mild exfoliation. It is a great addition to any facial treatment as it can be used on any skin type or condition.



This therapy assists in a variety of skin conditions by utilizing high level sound technology to penetrate the deep layers of the skin promoting cellular repair, muscle toning, increase blood circulation, and encourages lymph drainage to combat puffiness and swelling. The sound technology also assists in product penetration making it ideal for any facial. It can be used to help exfoliants and masks penetrate quicker and deeper noninvasively.



Ideal for combating crows feet and under eye puffiness and discoloration, this treatment uses specialized products from Phytomer and Ultrasonic Therapy designed specifically for use around the eyes to help firm and tone the skin while promoting lymph drainage.


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